The State of Maine is a great place to live, raise a family, and enjoy the great outdoors. I know that there are alot of hard working folks that would like to find greater opportunity for good jobs and a better living in our state.  I hear their stories daily.

I know the taxpayers of Maine have had enough.  I hear this every day that I go door to door to meet neighbors and residents within our District 46 area of Durham, North Yarmouth and half of Pownal.  There are many retirees moving away because their retirement is not growing, but their taxes are doubling!  Their children have moved out of state to find better opportunity or education.  Simply put, folks with good paying jobs and opportunities earn more, spend more, and overall tax burdens decrease.  Folks with good jobs are happy to spend further in the areas where they live.  I believe that with my experiences and your partnership, we can continue the strong economic advances Maine is now making, building upon recent successes and growth and continue to find real solutions that end the gridlock and stimulate our economy.

Karen and I were born and raised in Maine, and we are both Pharmacists for over 25 years now.  We have owned and operated businesses, and we have served many folks in Maine. We have a wood lot that we hike, hunt and explore, but we also are sustaining through tree growth and responsible harvesting.   I have been a strong part of your income tax reductions, and through leveraging our tourism we can finally begin to lower our property taxes.  Just throwing more money out of your pockets is not working, and has never worked!

I see the diverse opportunities in this state, and the following are ideas of where I think we need to act now:


Create Sustainable Living Wage Jobs
Encourage New Business Models and Innovation in Maine
Increase opportunities for higher education to develop a stronger and talented Maine workforce
Eliminate taxes that are counter productive to business development. Reduce taxes that force heirs to sell or diminish inheritance property in order to pay taxes.
Empower local government with municpal decisions and local control

Keep Education spending more for the classroom - administration and regulation is preventing that!

Our Medicaid programs are helping folks find good jobs, expansion will risk all of that!

Support our Sporting Traditions and Heritage,  and develop this already large INCOME driver for Maine!
Keep Maine a popular vacation destination, and find new opportunities to enhance tourism AND future income


Tuesday, November 6, 2018

I hope that you will support me for my re-election for District 46 representative seat. 

We chose to run our campaign traditionally, without tax payer money.  I would love to hear from you, and I can be reached at:



If you would like to donate to our campaign, make checks payable to "Chace for House", and can be mailed to:

Scott Kerr, Treasurer

31 Colonial Dr.,

Durham, ME. 04222

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